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[ 101005]

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Finally updating? Heh. [ 092805]

Strive-125Collapse )

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[ 091405]
I hate stupid little whiney BITCHES.
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[ 071905]
well, its pretty much safe to say, that Samm Rassi is the coolest, most amazing, most vivacious person..alive and I love her very much.
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[ 070105]

Today is Michael & I's one year anniversary! 


P.S - I'm the luckiest girl alive.

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[ 052705]

So, I'm at a loss of words.  Something happened today that made my heart drop to my toes.Collapse )

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[ 052205]
See my comment statisticsCollapse )
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[ 052205]
Hmm, I kinda forgot about this thing..
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[ 051705]


So, have I ever mentioned that I have the BEST sister in the whole wide world?!Collapse )

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[ 050305]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Hello all my wonderful's.=)

So, I do believe it is Tuesday & last weekend I went to Metamora, and it was amazing.

Michael came with me, so Friday night we drove down there, & it took forever coz my sister was driving, and she usually drives FAAST, but it was rainy. So that made it go SUPER slow. That night we got in around 9:30-10:00ish, and I called Miss Samma, and she came over & we rocked it up allll nighhhht loonnnng; holla.

Saturday morning was a drag, my daddy came in to say bye to me before he went to work, coz he always does that, yeah. So he comes in that's all normal, then MICHAEL's all "I can't sleep" blah blah blah. So I get up on the top bunk with Samma and we talk and stuff coz she had a weird dream.=)=P But anyways, to make a long story short. WE WOKE UP AT 8:00! YAH! A.M

what the fuck.

So, we chilled & Mason came over and we hung out, you know how we do. Then we got alllll pretty and went out to eat with Miss Whitney! Yay.=) So we went to Ruby Tuesday's and it was SO GOOD. Mmm, it makes me hungry just THINKING about it. So then we hung out all day, and we went up and saw my Tavia. I love her. SoOo Much, I hadn't seen her in forever. Well I saw her at V.V but, we didn't get to talk or anything.

Then I had to go to my Gramma's for my brothers birthday party! So Michael got to meet the WHOLE family, haha wow. Yeah fun. Uhm, so for the most part me n' Michael hung out with my beautiful cousin Shannon, I love her a whole bunch!=D

Michael & I were supposed to go to a movie with Samm Whit n' Mason after that, but we were at my gramma's too late. And after that, Samm & Whit were sposed to come over and sleepover, but I was just exhausted. So they came & picked some things up, and that was that. And Michael & I went to sleep.

The next morning, once again Michael & I wake up at 8:30. Oh my gosh, too many early mornings for one weekend. But we just layed around and watched cartoons for a while, and at 9:30 I called and woke up Samm & Whit and we made plans to meet for breakfast at 10:00! And we did, and haha, Samm realised it was Michael & I's 10 months before we did, I blame that on the lack of sleep though. But we at breakfast, and said our goodbye's and that was the last I saw of my magnificent loves of my life. So then, Michael Meaghan & I went over to my cousins and met mi padre & hermano there. We hung out and I loved on my Gabey-baby & Lil' Hailie-hoo. I'm going to miss those children SO MUCH. I hate Germany.>:0!

But anyways. We stayed there & drove home, Michael & I slept for the most part. Then we went to his house and played on his trampoline and ate dinner with his family and watched Disney Channel and played basketball, yep.

That was my weekend. The last two days I just had school that's all.

Oh but I must add, that Spanish class has turned around completely, I used to hate it, but now Claudia, Margarita, Isabella, Catalina & I, have WAY too much fun in that class, & we honestly control our teacher. Bahaha, I love it.

Well, there Meegie's. Are you happy you finally go a REAL entry?

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[ 042805]
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[ 042305]
k, so i'll make a real update.

The last two day's have been really dumb. Michael's itchy coz of tanning, he got burnt. And I haven't done anything. I was spose to go to Tashie's party, but I couldn't coz I had to help my sister babysit, and at last minute the lady cancelled! I was SO mad.

The day before..the last two days..Me Michael n' his mommy went tux shopping! We saw Robby n' his Mommy there!=o:)

The day before that I bought my prom dress! Yayy!

The day before that Michael & I looked for promdresses allllll day!

The day before that we deecided we were going to prom.


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[ 042305]
Sooo, it's been a while.


I'm going to Metamora next weekend & I'm VERY excited.=)

Okay, bye.;)
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[ 040905]

Leave me one compliment & one non-compliment/insult (what you like about me, & what you don't)

Hmm, okay, thanks.;)
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[ 032705]

I'M IN FLORIDA!!!!!!!!


















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[ 031905]

So yesterday was super fun! 


After school, I was just SO tired, so I went home and slept! haha, it was fabulous! Then I woke up and got in the shower, and headed over to Kaybay's house! And we got all hott for Logo's! Then we went up to the mall to  buy flipflops real quick with Joe, and we met Erica and Tiff at Steak n' Shake! And thennn, we went and chilled at Walgreens just for the hell of it, and we were off! And it was really fun!! And there was a fat girl that said I was too fat to dance.  Fucker. But anyways, that didn't bring my night down, coz it was damn fun! And some guy named Joey came up and talked to me n' Icka! And..He was talking about his band, and I'm sposed to go to a show on the 26, but eh, I'll be in Ft. Meyers! Yesss!   So anyways, we all danced all night, and it was really fun!=) So then me Tiff n' Erica all went home to Erica's! And we chilled, and eventually went to sleep. But at like 3:30 Tiff elbowed me in the face, so I slept on the floor,=( And we woke up this morning and there was a thunder storm! Yikes! I hate those damn things! Anyways, I'm going to go back to sleep, then probably over to Michael's for the remainder of the day!


I don't really remember much from the last week, but, I remember Michael and I went and got Ice cream one day, coz it was pretty out, and then the next day we took my brother and his friend to a park! And..I told Jason that I stole the redbird off of his car, finally, hahaha. Umm..I think Melissa and I went on a bike ride, and it was really damn cold. Yeah, that's all I remember. Okay Bye.=)


I love you all!<33




My babies growing up guys. *sniff sniff* 16 damn years old.<3

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Gah, I love my life. [ 030605]
Soo, Friday night, Jay, Meegie's and I went to Hooters, and it was fun, I donno why we went there..Just for the hell of it. It was good, though.=) Then we came back here, and chilled, and Michael took us to Starbucks, and then Jay went home. Michael tucked me in, went home. I fell asleep, he called me, I woke up, talked to him for a few minutes, then went back to bed.


Then, Saturday morning I woke up at 7:20!!! And called Erica around 8:20, and..We got ready, and I picked her up and we went to Michael's weight lifting competition in Ben Davis, whoo talk about fun?! NOT! But, I was proud of him, he did good.=) But yeah, I was there from 10:30-3:30 GAH!

So we went back to his house, and took Erica home..And got clothes so I could change..And then we went to his house and he took a shower while I slept on his bed. So we just layed around for a while, and got up and went to Subway, yum! We went back home and watched TV for a while, and at like 8:30 we went outside a jumped on his trampoline!! It was SO MUCH FUN!=) I thought I broke my knee! Hahaha, but then we just layed together and looked at the stars, and it was ABSOLUTLY freezing, so we only stayed out for like a half hour.

Then we went in and fell asleep and slept til like, 10:30 or so..When my brother called and woke us up. We went and picked him up, and then Amber, and we met a whole bunch of people at Southern Bowl, for Cosmic Bowling!=) It was so much fun!! And when we got there we saw a whole bunch of his friends were there too! So that was cool.=D Sooo we bowled? Til 2 o'clock in the morning?! Alright, so that was..fun! So we finally went home at 2, we took Melissa home, and he came in to get a glass of water, and then he left. So that was my night, I had fun, and I am very in love with him.<3

Now it's a BEAUTIFUL day, go play outside.
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[ 030305]
Alright, lets see, I've been in a spectacular mood all day!!

Today was a half day! Fun, right?=) Umm, I got a B+ on my Math and Earth & Space test! Sweet! After my half day of school,;)Michael came over, and..we watched a baseball game, and I was tired, so I went to sleep for like, a half hour.=) Then when I woke up we just hung out. Nothing special. Then he had to go to work, so I just watched Full House. I love that show. Thenn, I went to the store with mi madre, and she had to go get my brother from basketball so I COOKED DINNER! ALL BY MYSELF! I made Taco Salad's. Yay, go me. Then after dinner, I made Brownies, again, all by myself! But then I went to the library, coz I'm a nerd, and I read. And Michael called, on the way there, and I saw Angie there..And I told her I'd bring a brownie to Cheerleading on Sunday! Hah! Annd, then I went home, and sat with Michael and tried to help him with his English, but I didn't know what to do..So I drew him a picture.. It was pretty. Then he took me tanning..And then we came back home, and yeah.

Then he left, and that was my night.

OOkkkaayy.;) Byeee

psst, I love Michael?!:)
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[ 030205]

Urgh!Collapse )

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[ 030105]
If you woke up and I was in bed with you, what would be your first thought?!?!? Post this and check out the responses you get.

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